Client Testimony
        ‘I had tried a lot of different trainers. I knew that Dylan was very passionate about his clients and his training techniques but I wasn't sure I was able or ready to accomplish what he may have for me. 
    Dylan prepared my mind and my body to do more for myself than I thought possible.
	I want from a 40in waist to a 36in waist. He also made sure to stretch me thoroughly which always helped me feel better.’
	                                                                        -H. C.
    ‘I worked with Dylan in the early days of moving to California till I left to move back home. Originally just for surfing and to get my confidence in the water with my surfing.
    It was apparent my fitness was horrible and that it was the biggest thing holding back me learning how to surf. I spent a summer training with Dylan, and working on my surfing. He is an amazing surf coach but his training and way he motivated me was incredible. Highly recommended. Thanks Dylan!’
                                                                                                            -J. R.
    ‘Like a lot of people I have tried many trainers, did curves, circuit training, diets, all of it. What none of those had which makes Dylan so incredible is his ability to motivate. His wealth of info and passion for life made me feel better about myself .
    In a dark period of my life Dylan became a friend and was a big part of why I got my things back on track. I miss his positivity. Thanks for being an amazing human Dylan now move to San Diego so you can train me!’
                                                                                                      -L. K.
    ‘I had 2 major re-constructed knee injuries. The second one I almost lost my leg due to an infection following surgery. They said would never walk normal let alone snowboard again.
    Uncle helped me get my fitness and flexibility back to a place where not only was back on snow but competing again, and placing in some events. This guy I owe so much too. Training early season in Shirley Canyon to doing circuit rides up the Wall Ill never forget. An incredible human and one of the most hardcore people I know.
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