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Fysiologik_ is the sum of 25 years of exposure to the best coaches, trainers, teachers, and elite competition in the world. Melded by my own quest & passion to rise above my own mediocrity.

We all move, but how do we move?

    We identify movement patterns & deficiencies.

When was the last time someone ever discussed how you walk? Sit? Stand? Relax?

Because of time, sitting and being gravity lazy we let our bodies go into posture amnesia.

Often times simple cues to move correctly, be body aware & that pathology disappears.

I will never load disfunction, till your movements are sound.

What do we focus on? Fitness. duh [but what is FITNESS?]

    Fitness in the definition as I subscribe to is actually not a definition but 10 bullet points that surmise it.











What we do is simply do the funnest most effective methods to improve these 10 points.

For the Alphas. men

    I will train in for most of sessions. We pursue an intensity that is inspired to say politely. HIIT, and Tabata protocols are part of the approach. We do strength conditioning primarily with Kettlebells because of their accessible use of doing cardio and strength training at once.

For the Omegas. woman

“Strong enough for a man but made for a woman....”

    The training intensity is the same, but the programming and timing is different. At Fysiologik we know you cant out train a bad diet or upset hormones.

    If  you are being trained like a man. Guess what: You shouldn’t. Your menstrual cycle and subsequent hormone profile & flux’s demand a different approach.

Men don’t have a follicular, ovulation, or luteal phases of anything. Your cortisol and anabolic hormones don’t exist the same as males. Your muscle synthesis [muscle toning/building] potential is different. So why be trained like a man?

This is a broad but simple conversation to be had, however one that must be had. If you are a female, ask your trainer about this. 

... and when they don’t know, ask yourself why you are with them.

If you have a body you are an athlete....

    Your trainer:coach should be discussing your recovery as much as your programming and conditioning. Body responds to stimulus and variance of adaptations, but it heals metabolically and grows when rested proper. Don’t have to be a professional athlete to benefit from realizing what they do would work for you. We discuss sleep, realities of eating choices, and ahem, libido/sex drive [an indicator of hormone function]. Then make sure you are using this fitness, to live fully & functionally.